Saturday, June 7, 2014


Some things are just born from sadness, and dark places. 
 But this is life, we all face our battles with it. My son and I happen to be facing ours at the same time, which sadly makes things a little bit tougher and harder right now.
But we will get through.
I made this piece after my 5th round of chemo and after they took my son back in to get some more help.
  The drugs they give me put me in a depressed state and enhance everything even more intensely, so I spend a lot of time thinking....and thinking. 
What could I have done differently?
What can change?
What do I want?
What is my purpose?
 I've been stuck not able to create much because my creativity seems to be stagnated, and I feel like crap, 
But I made this during a period of deep sadness and thoughts about my son and I like It.
It gave me hope.
Hope that even in dark times, creativity can grow, things can be stirred into action, and ideas can be planted.
 The house is a symbol of strength and family, the scratched surface is meant to symbolize that you never really know what goes on in a persons home, you barely scratch the surface on that, things are deeper than what appears.
And the x marks the spot where people judge you or single you out because of these things.
Truth is, we all have our secrets,
We all face our battles and we all just try to get through them and make our way doing the best we can.
I'm never gonna give up. 
This piece is now available on my website. :)