Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Overwhelmed by love and life

 In my world artists are some of the most amazing people.
Typically down to earth, free thinkers, and people who tend to do things outside of the norm. They are usually pretty open minded and very, very generous. They are the kinds of people I choose to surround myself with because they are just plain awesome and inspiring.
 I'm so lucky to be surrounded by a ton of them. They help make my world a more beautiful place.
 When I started blogging years ago 
It was because of a woman named Amy powers
She told me I should do it, so I kind of did so in a shy, slow way. I had no clue!
It then kind of blew up after that, and I met so many interesting people and fellow commiserating folks out there that changed my life!
 I met my other beautiful amazing artist friend jenn
From noodle and Lou online as well We visited each other in Chicago when she lived there and she came to visit me in Michigan. We've been buddies ever since----like long lost sisters. Love her!
 Another friend I met several years ago was Jenny An amazing artist that does more stuff in a day then anyone I know! She is a force to be reckoned with and is so super talented.
There are sooo many more people to mention because I've met so many here online that I have a deep connection with.
But for now I have to just say an incredible thanks to my friends that have organiZed an online auction for me that is filled with amazing art.
 You can read more about it on jenn's
Website at noodle and Lou.
  It's been hard to me to accept these kinds of helping things, but people keep telling me that I just need to let go of that because people want to do things to help because it makes them feel good too.
So I am trying to get past my awkwardness about it :)
 I will say that the art on the website in the sneak peeks is nothing short of full on mind blowing and amazing!
 It's killing me not to be able to bid on these items myself!
So I will do the next best thing and tell you about them because you should know these fabulous people too!
 When I'm
Better and back on my feet I will be visiting each and everyone of these talented people's websites!

Love you guys so so much!

On another note,
I have finished my third round of chemo 

yesterday and am half way there!
Yay! I feel good, and am getting used to the ups and downs of it and getting things done when I can.
My beautiful son came home last week for good and I feel so complete having my people with me my heart is just bursting!

 I'm spending a ton of time with them just cooking and driving because shooey teens are busy and can eat like crazy! 

But I'm thrilled and will figure it out :)
My daughter Fiona has been busy with her own work and will again be participating in the kids art fair again this year....she's already started! :)

 I've been working little bits here and there on fairy doors and little paintings.

I'll have more on the website in the next few weeks.
 You can buy this batch next door to my shop
At Lexi's toy box! On Ashley street in downtown Ann Arbor! Cutest toy shop ever :)
So on that note  I'm
Plugging along. I'll have more to share soon....just know I'm 
So thankful and grateful to be surrounded by so much love.
I'm the luckiest gal for sure

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Catherine with a C.

     So since my last post you could probably say things got a little bit more complicated in my life.
 I was diagnosed with breast cancer on February 5th.
yes,  breast cancer.
If you'd like to talk to me about it,  I am very open!  you can feel my lump while its still here!  Get yourself checked!,  Talk to me.  I am here for you.
 It is not my intent to have this blog dissolve into something sad or dramatic,  this is just the way that it it is,  and whats happened since I was last here. 
  So instead of turning this into something sad and morbid I would like to tell you about all of the good things that have happened since I found out I have the big C.,  because yes,  good things still happen when you think they won't.
    I moved into the cutest house out in the country and now have space for my two kids.
it was random that it happened,  and I am so fortunate that it did.
  I had a doctors appt. cancel on me last minute---they needed me to come in right away to see them instead of the original appt. so I had to scramble to get there.   my friend ended up going with me to the surgeons office because she didn't want me to be alone....
one conversation led to another,  I was looking for a place,  she had a place to rent---- and here I am with a new yard, a space to garden,  and light filled windows that shower me with rays of sunshine.
  I organized my life very quickly and moved out of my downtown apt.  sold off a bunch of stuff, closed my shop (temporarily) and moved in to this place in a matter of 2 weeks.
it was nuts,  but I did it,  and paid my rent three months in advance thankyouverymuch.
  You would be amazed at what you can do when you put your mind to it.
 I kind of went into commando mode and got it done.
  SO here are some little pictures of my new space.  I am so happy here.
  Its been a wild few weeks,  with lots of tests, pokes,  procedures,  gross things installed in my body, surgeries and losing my hair.  (Be warned, I posted some pictures to show you shit got real)
but I am figuring it out and will come back tougher from the experience.
  I am continuing to create but on a smaller scale at the moment until I can figure out how to deal with the effects the chemo has on my body,  but I am HERE!
  I will not give up ever.
  I want this to continue to be a place where I can share my art and my life. 
It may not always be rosy,  but it is REAL,
and that's the way it's supposed to be anyways right?


Tank loves it here.......

  The light from this place is healing and wonderful.  I am surrounded by woods and green trees.  It helps me to clear my mind and think.   I've been thinking alot.   Some of it is really silly,  some of it is deeper.
    The saddest thing to admit was how hard it was to think about losing my hair.  silly I know,  but when you feel like your essence as a woman is wrapped around that stuff,  it's kind of a big deal.    then when it starts to come out --- you kind of have an about face and realize that stuff really ISN'T
important in the long run.  hair is not what make you YOU.  It will grow back.  plus there's that kick ass feeling of shaving it off into a mohawk that makes you feel kind of tough :)

So now I am bald and figuring out how to wear hats and things like that.  
it will be o.k. man is it ever easy to get dressed and ready in the morning!  Summer is gonna be AWESOME!   :)
So in the meantime between treatments and feeling like crap,  I have been working and doing some painting,  making pillows,  and other odds and ends.
My work will be on display on Mainstreet at the Graphic arts Wholesaler next to Lena
or in my online shop for now until i get a lil bit better.
I have lots of ideas and things rolling around in my head as usual,  but this is a learning curve so I'm still figuring it out.
I am surrounded by the best people ever in my life and am overwhelmed by the love and support so many people have shown me.
I have more to share and more to create.
thanks for being here.
one last thing......

My son came home for an 8 hour pass last week and it was the best gift ever.
he is doing SO well!
I am SO proud of him and can't wait till he is home for good in the next two weeks.
I want to thank all of you for keeping him in your good thoughts.
it truly helps
I have so much more to say,  but for now--------
much love,  that is all