Sunday, April 7, 2013

I wish I could tell you the truth...

 but truth is I can't just yet.....I kind of lost my voice,  and I'm still trying to figure it out.
I'm trying to get my rusty brain wrapped around the concept of getting back to blogging on a regular basis again.
  For awhile there I was kind of burnt out on it.
 It takes time,  sometimes hours, and when you are running around feeling like you are doing nothing but spinning in circles, trying to make a dime,  writing about what you made, or ate,  or what your kids did seems so silly in a world full of more important things.
 I honestly became jaded.  
Seeing people taking pictures of their feet,  or what they ate for breakfast.... endless pictures of cups of coffee with foam hearts in it,  or artwork with wings on it drove me crazy.
  I deleted everything in a fit of irritation,  instagram,  pinterest, etc.
  I just wanted to hide.
 I felt like a dinosaur in a new world.  
I was too tired to figure out links about adding buttons,  or creating new templates to make my tired old blog look good.  I was busy living a hectic life,  and trying to eek out a living on my own making Art in a new and complicated world!
but that was stupid of me.
those places inspire you,  and I need that,  now more than ever.
So here I am trying to re-frame that thinking...  This Video That my friend posted kind of helped me think this way..........because it's these silly little things that add up to the big things in's taking time out to appreciate where you are,  and what you are doing,  and maybe I should share more even though at times I feel so self centered doing so. 
  In the past it was my honesty that made people feel comfortable here.  The fact that we all commiserated about certain things,  creating art,  feeling rushed in a wild world,  dealing with kids, and relationships.
it's good to connect....
 Maybe you feel the same way as me,  who knows.....but this is where I am at.
at the bottom of a mountain looking up......hoping my voice comes back....
so here is peek into my world for now.......i'll reveal more maybe at some point but for now this is what i've been up to...
   TOday I worked on a new website that I will be filling up in the coming weeks......
my domain will change over to the redshoeshomegoods one like it was before,  it will just look differently...
you can take a preliminary look at it here...... and tell me what you think!
links to my pinterest,  instagram,  facebook, tumblr and all that stuff is on there,  so you can follow me if you'd like.....
yup,  I'm figuring it out!  :)
and here's some pictures of things I've been working on as well,  and some things that Fiona has been making too...she's always an inspiration,  one of these days,  she'll have her own blog because that girl will never loose her voice, that's for darn sure!

Paintings, and mixed media pieces that are for sale on my Etsy site,  yes,  I now have one of those too....luminaries that my daughter and I made for festifool's Fool moon event,  and dolls my child is working on for the upcoming kids Art fair in July!  
I may be quiet over here,  but I am working my tail off behind the scenes (i wish it was literally,  but that's a whole other story)
so on that note,  I am off to work on more web related content.
i'm on a roll,  and for now,  i'm gonna go with it.
thanks for visiting, and thank you so much for all of your kind words regarding my beloved Pearl,
it meant alot to me,  please know that.