Friday, October 24, 2014

Woman's work........

  They Say it's a man's world,  but I know for a fact women are tough.
We have all sorts of barriers and obstacles that we have to hurdle everyday,   Including our own bodies.
  We are constantly judged, critiqued, and put under a microscope every single day in the media and real life.    What I find ironic is that even our own bodies work against us.   The two things attached to our chest that attract all sorts of attention with their shape and curves,  that nurture human beings, and help define us as women can also try and kill us.
Boobs are a pain in the ass.
 So far, I've survived what they've put me through,  and the journey that they've taken me on.
I've learned a lot  about myself and what I'm capable of.
   When you are stripped of everything that makes you feel like a "woman",  your hair,  your fingernails, your breasts being changes something in you.
 I have always struggled with self esteem,  never thinking I was good enough,  or pretty enough.
looking back now and what I've been through,  I was ridiculous to think this way.
I am working on loving myself more,  and realizing that I am enough,  just the way I am.  It is not easy trust me,  but i'm working on that.
  These past few months have been challenging to say the least,  but there are tougher things in life to deal with.   This was really just an inconvenience,  and I survived it.
  So when I finished my last round of bad chemo at the end of June  I hit the ground running and took off for a cross country adventure with my girlfriend Phoebe.
  We travelled over 4,000 miles by car,  crossing the country to Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, and everything in between.  It was fantastic.
  I saw things I had never seen before.   amazing scenery, nail biting roads that cut through mountains,  and desert storms that were both scary and electrifying.
 I came back home rejuvenated.  My energy slowly returning and I started creating in a prolific way.
 I haven't stopped since,  and am on a mission to keep churning things out every.  single.   day.
  My experience has ignited something and I am happy I am able to release it in some way through my Art.   So here are a "few" pictures of what I've been up to lately,  and what my kids have been doing.    Both of them are doing well too.
  My son has been continuing on with getting better and doing his own art work.  Gaining recognition for his graffiti in LEGAL ways with commissioned walls,  and also getting back on track with his education and most importantly,  staying SOBER.  This is a huge feat,  and I am very proud of all his efforts,  even though he continues to do what teens do best,  drive parents insane.
  My daughter has also continued to be her amazing spunky self.  Doing Kids art fairs and excelling in school.  She is a bright one that kid.  Always blowing me away with her smarty pants self.

My friend, the lovely, Phoebe.

Oh,  And I got a rescue puppy. yeah,  I did that too!  Best thing ever.

Tank Approves!  :)

I also Finally got around to making available on my website here:

and have made more paintings than what i've shown here.  You can see more of my work by following me on instagram here

The above is a Legal mural my son did of his girlfriend Persephone,  under a bridge downtown.
pretty amazing if you ask me.  First of all, to even have your image painted by someone as a symbol of their love is mind blowing in itself.  
where can I get a guy like that?!  ;)

Anyways,  On that note,  I am off to head to my Doctors office.  One more week of radiation,  then only a couple more months of non invasive chemo treatments Left. (the kind that doesn't make your hair fall off or make you feel yucky)  I will be completely done in February,  an entire year of this crap behind me.   I am on the home stretch and i'm getting back on track.  Yay!

  I want to thank all of you amazing people that have called,  emailed,  sent things and supported me through all of this.   If it weren't for you people,  I don't know where I'd be.
The energy and positive vibes I felt from all of you overwhelmed me and most likely cured me.
I cannot thank you enough.
seriously Cannot thank you enough.

so to end this post I'd like to say,
Stay Strong,  be positive,  and be amazing.  You are perfect JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!
it may be a man's world,   but without us tough women,  it just wouldn't be the same.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day 2014

    Happy Fourth of July! 
 It's been a busy few weeks, school getting out, parties, concerts, kids art fair prep. And my last round of bad chemo now finally behind me.
 I've been down and out, this last round,  but still managed to push myself to get some things done, which shows you that cancer does not stop people entirely. 
You can get through it and still live life and have fun.
 I'm happy that the worst is over and now I can start to re-build and move on even tho I still have a few procedures left to go through, like surgery, and radiation but I'm creating, and enjoying summer with my kids.....hope you are having a great Fourth of July and summer too!