Sunday, September 29, 2013

spinning minds and little things.......

     I create something everyday,  mostly because it occupies my mind and takes me away from thinking about the world.  I rarely watch T.v. because it honestly depresses me.  Half the time I think we're going to hell in a hand basket. ( this is coming from a true Liberal mind you)   So I choose to observe the silly stuff and laugh at life because its so much better than dwelling on the negative.  I'd rather be a positive person,  wouldn't you?
So with my twirling, confused,  trying to figure it all out mind,  I paint and think.......sometimes my ideas don't really pan out like I had envisioned they morph....

what started out as a simple bird house painting,  turned into something deeper, and more abstract.  I liked the layers that were starting to develop.  (this seems to be my route lately....seeing what emerges with just flinging paint around and letting go)

I like how it turned out in the end.  (and even better that it went to a good home)  :)

because my mind can't stay focused on one medium I have been dabbling with jewelry and different themed pillows.....raiding my stash of recycled fabrics.

 I've also been doing more special orders, and commissioned pieces.  I really like this new direction.
The Eat sign was for the corporate offices at the Sidetrack bar in Ypsilanti.

playing around with sewing on paper.....

 and writing out weird things that pop into my head over coffee on a sunday.  ;)

made a big puffy doll.......I need to do more of these,  they make me happy.

and finishing up large special projects for more furniture show rooms.

 in between all of this I squeezed in our end of the year annual vacation up north to Wandawood, a   favorite spot for me and my people.

i've also been fantasizing about getting a little camper.  I think i need one. don't you?

 up north is so relaxing for all of us.  we relax, re-charge, and have fun.

 so good for the soul.......
 most zen dog ever.

 I of course bring art supplies with me,  cuz i have to keep my mind rolling and the ideas churning.

after a week up north I came home feeling refreshed,  decided to go for a walk, and had my window smashed and my purse stolen out of my car.  a fine how do you do after my trip,  but I chose to look on the bright side,  I really like my new license picture better than the one that was stolen. ;)

     The past few weeks have gone by so fast,  summer ended so quickly and fall is here.  it's actually one of my favorite times of the season.  back to school,  chilly temperatures, and thinking about all sorts of things that I want to create.
 I also start nesting, and rearranging my spaces for the millionth time.....oh but who's counting.

I look at my daughter who is in the last year of elementary school and my heart hurts just a little bit.
(ok,  a TON)  but we won't go there.    She is still so much a little kid at 10,  enjoying twirling on a merry go round. it kills me to see her off to middle school next year.  I just want her to stay 10 for a little while longer.

 because I look at my son now, and see how fast it goes by.   I am thankful that he still will hang out with me and create,  but My heart hurts thinking that its only a matter of time before he leaves and is out on his own too.
so I create stuff,  to not think about these things.

sometimes I start out simple.

 then my mind goes dark and I start flinging black paint.  (just kidding,  not really dark,  I just get wild hairs sometimes and do stuff)

 my son hanging out with me in the studio doing his thing too.  Last night he was here with me creating with his friend Sterling.  My daughter was making clay,  and my friend Andy was making these amazing hand lettered signs.
for the record,  these are just his practice boards,  and the words on them were things he was doodling from song lyrics,  so just nevermind the 'hail satan' -----he's a really sweet guy, who is super talented!
  In fact we are doing a show together on the 19th and 20th of October.
I've decided to pack up the whole shop and do the Ann Arbor Antiques market.
it's a new direction for them.  they are now doing only select shows with an emphasis on recycled and re-purposed which is right up my alley!   I think it will be great!  I can't wait to see what signs Andy comes up with,  because they are gonna be cool that's for sure.

 So we spent the Saturday night being creative,  the boys listening to music on a record player,  old school and it was awesome.

 I'm working on more recycled jewelry that incorporates old buttons and charms.
i'm also working on some graphic hand lettered and numbered pieces myself, though mine are not free hand like Andy's,  who is seriously amazing.  I cannot say it enough.
 I have to use graphite paper,  then paint,  but he just free hands it like the old school sign painters.

      noticing silly stuff.  -----this bird kills me.
 and scoring some killer vintage stuff in between.
 oh hello.
 trying new techniques.......and don't see me now.....
 look at my bird trying to hide.  haha
 and tank wearing a sweater.     good grief, this post is all over the place..........sorry.
Anyways,   I also started working on a huge project making pillows out of sweaters and coats that belonged to a woman who passed away.  her family hired me to make keepsakes out of her things.   It's been kind of an emotional roller coaster for me working on it,  but it's also a huge honor and my mind is spinning with ideas.  This toggle from a coat became a small puffy fish.  :)
 So in between that,  I've been socializing------  hello pickle backs  I love you.
 making painting mistakes, and learning new things....going in different directions and

 Trying to keep my mind occupied.   It's hard when you're the type of person that notices everything and thinks too much.
but it's also nice being the type of person that notices the little things too.  because those are some of the most beautiful things there are.   :)
happy Sunday!