Thursday, July 25, 2013

3:33 A.M.

I pay attention to everything, in a foggy sort of way.
What I really would like to be doing is reading books, riding my bike, painting and cooking for my loved Mom always says I should marry a rich man.  
I call B.S. on that one.  
I can do it myself....
in Fact I have been doing all of those things,  and a few others in between since the defecation hit the oscillation in April.  (I will elaborate at some point when my gag order is lifted,  and I find the appropriate time and place,  but trust me,  It's a good story)
So  for now, here is a visual diary of some of the things I have been up to since April,  for those of you still interested in my silly little life.
because it truly is silly. I do in fact take the time to enjoy the little things,  because in reality that what it's all about,  cliche as it seems,  but it is true.
trust me,  I have to remind myself of it constantly,  because like i've said before,  trying to make it in this world as a creative person,  let alone a woman is not easy.
but we don't give up.

So these past few months,  my side kick Fiona and I have hit THrift shops, painted furniture,  entered Kids art shows, and kicked booty making things.  I've travelled north and made paintings for cabins, drove to swim practice and softball,  hosted picnics,  and rearranged rooms.  buried pets and drank beers with friends......attended 30 year highschool reunions, and planted fairy gardens......I've packed it in,  that is for sure.

            in between  smooching our pets of course.

     It's not always pleasant to be creative,  juices don't always flow. but we force ourselves do it,  and we work hard.  Turning up the music and creating till the wee's in our souls.





    Her booth at the fair was super colorful this year.

    I was super dirty working in the yard,  but I got it done!  YAY!  I have always wanted a fairy garden at the shop!

   lemonade stand,  (probably tracking her profits on her ipad..... my kid is such a business minded smart cookie)  totally not like me.  

I sewed patches on my skirt because I like to do stupid stuff like that too.    :)

   fiona paints.....

   I rearrange spaces....

 and studios...looking for ways to be more efficient so I can become more prolific.

   in between painting fairy doors........



   and practicing tiny circus acts.

          I started making some dolls too......

   more paintings.......and working late at night   :)

    I drove up north solo and made more paintings for cabins at my friends resort Wandawood...

    Not a bad gig at all.

    when I am home,  we are creative as a family.  I am fortunate that both my kids have inherited this gene.   In fact my son is always working on something too,  he's just 15.
15 year olds are like big foot or Sasquatch,   they are very rarely seen.


   I also did some special projects for a furniture showroom in Chicago and now Atlanta for my lovely friend Lauren who works for POlywood.   An amazing company that makes furniture right here in the U.S.A. out of recycled Materials!     So awesome!
      Since I spend a ton of time painting,  I felt the need to have a dedicated space to just paint in,  and a dedicated room for just sewing.   It was always tough for me to switch mediums and put everything away,  so I moved some things around at the shop,  and I could not be happier having the two separate spaces!

my bird also gets his space,  and indoor room,  and an outdoor perch.  

      I notice dots.....
    And random stuff on the ground.....
   I find cups on the side of the road and make tiny gardens.....

        but mostly I think........
      about all of the things I want to do......
things that are rolling around in my head waiting to get out.

......until next time,
Much love.