Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Life, 10-3-12

 Most days I struggle to even get out of bed,
nothing but silly mayhem around me at all times ;-)

 but I blast myself out of there at 6 am and get busy.  creating messes and works in my studio.
every. single. day.
 it's a cathartic process for me,  and something I obviously need to do.  I love it.  it's what I am meant to do I 'spose.  

I've been very prolific and busy these days.  I basically gave up Facebook and most social media to focus on my work.  It wasn't that hard for me to give up those things,  I kind of got burnt out on them,  preferring to spend time with art supplies than reading about political stuff on there anyways.
Plus life with kids has become exponentially busier with my highschooler and little elementary school child.
the summer basically blew by but ended on a lovely note with our yearly end of summer vacation trip up north.

 what a difference in mood huh.....elementary vs. teenage angst ......ha ha  XO

Pink moons,  best friends, lake,  water, sunshine.  it's so good for the soul up there.  and a much needed relief from the everyday stresses of life.
We come back rested, revived and ready to start the school year with a sunny out look.

I switched Fiona to the downtown school that I actually went to when I was a child.  I love it there,  and am thrilled that we can walk to school every morning.  I love this hill,  pretending I live in San francisco for one little block :)
Jackson was lucky to win the lottery and get into one of the most desirable alternative highschools in the city,  so he's downtown too.  I love it.
I managed to also land myself a design client and was busy helping her decorate her house with custom paintings and handmade pillows.
I had a nice little team of creative people with me that made custom slip covers for her chairs and sofa.  along with one of a kind lampshades and lamps for her living room.
it was a ton of fun and something I'd like to do more of!  
 these are the lamp shades before......
 and the sofa before.....
 made little number appliques for her slip covered stools....
 ordered rugs......
 this is the sofa after. with a new linen,  down filled wrapped handmade cushion from my friend Karen Lucas......and custom pillows made by me....
 she also made slipcovers for these chairs out of a simple sketch that I made for her,  turning these old family heirloom chairs into a more functional modern piece of furniture!  Karen is AMAZING!
(the little flower pillow was made by me)  :)
 now this is a picture of the lamps before we had new ones made....
 and the lamps after!  with custom fabrics and colors that really tie the room together.
 new barrel shades for the chandeliers.....  so nice to add texture....drawing all of the elements of the room together.
 Little table arrangements made too with glass jars,  stones and baby tears.......
 I also made a custom painting for her entryway......
it was a super fun project,  and something I LOVE to do.  
however once that wrapped up I was back to the studio and making things for the shop.

 Pillows,  paintings,  and TONS of fairy doors produced....alongside my little sunshine creative who happily churns out her own brand of awesome...... good grief!
 this child kills me,  seriously.

but my son is just as cool,  he creates wonderful graffiti style pieces, and filmwork.  he's 14,  so he's not around me much....preferring his friends to his MOM,  go figure.
.......but that's o.k.

 because every once in awhile he does like to be with me, and actually wanted to hang out with me on a saturday night with his friends.  So I took the teens bowling.
  i'm lucky to have a boy like that.
yes,  I am.  :)

 So when I'm not wrangling kids,  teens,  birds, and dogs,  I am wrapped up in making stuff.
making things that make me laugh to this one-toothed apple guy.  Does this mean I am completely crazy?   ha ha.  probably so,  but I sure am having a good ole time losing my marbles ;-)
in my saner moments,  you'll find me working on one more painting that will be heading up north  this weekend.
this one will be hanging in Wandawood hall on Elk lake.
escaping for the weekend by myself for some peaceful lake serenity.
or as my friend Angie likes to put it
'escaping to the healing waters of Elk lake'
yup,  that's what I am up to.
creating,  healing,  living.
thanks for taking the time and peeking in on my life.
I'm so happy you stopped by.


  1. I love when you post. Always so full of fun and color and creativity. I pray for you and your family, too.

    1. Thanks Sweet Julie.
      big hugs and love to you! I hope you are doing well XOXO

  2. That chandelier is incredible. I love it! And all the pillows. I can imagine a crazy bazaar pillow fight with all those faces flying about.

  3. Bless Your Sweet Heart Catherine Dear ... Love that you gave all of us nosies a look at an actual photo of you ... and you look lovely. Your wonderful Bambinos look wonderful. All of the creative CREATIONS you whoop up everyday ... well for me is just amazing. Good you are taking a happy break to recharge your over worked brain, body and hands! All of us here are glad to know you are blooming and doing so remarkedly well. Bravo Catherine Dear! x's~n~o's ;)

    1. Thanks So much Annette! Big love to you! XOXO

  4. Oh, I so love your posts! This will be my inspiration the rest of my day :) By the way, is the smiling brown pumpkin dude on the polka dot stand available. I would love it if he lived at my house...
    Have a beautiful day, Catherine, and your kids too.

  5. Inspiration I needed. Thanks, Catherine. Happy Fall.

    1. aw, thanks Ronnie! Happy fall to you too! XOXO

  6. This was a post worth waiting for. :)
    Suzanne B.

  7. Wow love these pictures!! Your kids are getting so big.You did a awesome job on your clients house!! Love all your pillows to!! Is that green lamp with the floral shade for sale???

    1. Thanks Elma! I hope you received my emails, I passed on your info to my lamp lady friend. let me know if you have any other questions! XOXO

  8. you are amazing everything you touch becomes so special.. I would love to be able to purchase some of your special items. Keep dreaming and be well...