Saturday, August 11, 2012

a New Look.......

the Other day I was looking into making a book out of the pictures and content from my blog.  The more I looked over all the entries I had made over the years and the things I had written about,  it made me sad peering into the life I left behind.  It also became clear that I needed to start something new, and approach it with a different outlook and perspective. So I thought I would Start a new blog documenting my new life that I've set out to claim for myself. 
 It's still me,  but it's an adventure waiting to unfold.  Sometimes you have to start out small,  with simple little changes.  So that's just what I'm doing.  I hope you'll like it.  you can still go over to the old blog,  it will still be up and running,  but I think I will just be posting over here from now on.
So with this new blog,  I will start off sharing pictures of my apartment overhaul I did last weekend.
I completely turned the place upside down and reversed my living/sleeping spaces.
  It's those little things that sometimes offer a fresh perspective,  and give you a new outlook,  or inspire you to create new things in a fresh space.

My living room is now my bedroom.  it has more room,  and feels more restful, even though my head literally is parked next to a window over looking my downtown street.

my former bedroom is now the living room,  and feels so cozy.  plus it's right off the kitchen,  so it flows better.

my bedroom is bright and sunny :)

fun rearranging all of my little collections and treasures......

makin' it cozy.

 I've been sleeping better here too,  which in turn has made me become more productive this week.....I managed to make a few new paintings,  and pieces. all in all it was a positive change.
little baby steps,  here and there.  :)


  1. Pretty and fun images of your rearranging. I always really enjoy seeing your vignettes and wall arrangements, especially. You're so creative and your place is so wonderfully you. Always inspiring! Would love to know what your cool #9 guy is made out of. Wood? I love him. :)

  2. So happy for you! You'll like your new home/new blog. And don't ya just love rearranging your stuff in your home/space?! It's so fun, inspiring, and makes me think I got new stuff. It all looks like you, which is a good thing. Be good to you. xxo

  3. Wishing you all the happiness and success in the world! I am tickled pink to see my baby shrine has made the cut to the new diggs.

    Your pal,


  4. I am rooting for ya. And surely will follow you here. Hope all is well. Keep it up girl. Hugs, Mica @ The Child's Paper AKA Garb~Oodles.

  5. What a beautiful change! I love how you decorate --- it's given me so many ideas in my own home. Thinkin' about you :)

  6. I love the new blog. It has your same bright colors and happy feeling. Wishing you much happiness in your new life. :)


  7. I love your home!! All your cabinets are amazing!!!
    Love the new blog to:)