Sunday, October 14, 2012

The pants that sparked an idea.....

It's no secret that I love the thrift stores, and recycling. It's how I find sweaters to felt and transform into pillows. So this past week had me poking my head in there to see what they had to Inspire me.
I brought my daughter along, so we naturally had to go over into the kids section to take a peek there too.
It was there that I spotted these amazing little red baby pants with an embroidered bird on them.
I about died.

Cutest .pants .ever.

Since I no longer have babies, I didn't
Need them, but felt I couldn't just leave them!
It was those little red pants that Sparked an idea!
I decided it would be a great idea to
Have a small rack of gently used baby and toddler clothes at my shop.

Most parents don't have the time to hunt for these beautiful clothes at the thrift shops because honestly, you really do have to look and sift through a ton of stuff.
But maybe I could do it!
So I started my search for good things.
Things with character, nice brands,
Good cloth and color.

I brought them home, had them freshly laundered and sweet smelling, pressed them and hung them up.
Some I've sewn little appliqu├ęs to them adding a little more character and fun.
It's a little idea I'm running with
Hope you like it.

It's those red pants,
They got me going, now if only they came in adult sizes :-)
Which reminds me, I'm working on some of those too, select adult sweaters with felt patches on them
Pictures to come soon!
so on that note,
I'm back to work, yes, even on a Sunday! 
thanks for stopping by and taking a peek  :)


  1. These are wonderful!!! I love how you have translated your style and cool aesthetic to wee little clothes.

    1. aw, thanks Linda! you are so kind! I've been thinking about you a ton lately, hope you are doing well! I miss you XOXOXO

  2. Absolutely delightful! You've done it again, Catherine Thursby. You've done it again. :)

    1. Thanks Sweet Lisa! I'm happy you like them :) Your pumpkin guy is on his way! you should have him soon XOXO

  3. They're all so darling and wonderfully displayed, and what a clever way to add a new line to your store. You're so creative.

  4. Super cute! And here's another idea (you know me). At Oliebollen, we sold a ton of tee shirts with the number 1, 2, 3 or 4 ... on the front, for kids to wear on their birthday or during their whole year at that age. You could embellish a cute 12-18m sweater or top with one of your signature number appliques (like you use on your pillows). Just adds more impetus to buy!


  5. ... Catherine Dear, You are quite the Queen Seamstress!! If lawnmowers could be appliqued and sewn together you'd do it with style and SELL 'EM!! Such a smashing wonderful idea! You know what time crunch working Moms have with Babes ... I KNOW Moms will be greatful for your innovation and stylish GREAT Taste!! Big Hugs to you :-.)

  6. I recently found your blog through a random pinterest pin. Amazing creative energy. Love what you did here. Charming, so charming.

  7. You are such a brainstorm. No babies for me any more either (not completely sad about that, haha) and yes adult versions would be splendid!

  8. Genius, you are! :) So sweet.

  9. Oh my word those are the cutest!!! Love them!! You are sooo talented:)

  10. Stopped by after a time away from blogland, and looked you right up. LOVE the new blog; you are a true inspiration to me. I will be doing what you are doing, making art and beautiful things full time starting next year, and it's such a great comfort to know there are people out there making it happen and being able to support themselves. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, colorful life and art!

  11. you have such flair! love it.

  12. Oh my Gosh I never thought about buying baby clothes and redoing them for other people now that my girl's are older. I usually just look through them and get depressed thinking about the past! These are great. You did a lovely job.

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