Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I am here.......

       This  pretty much sums up my feelings starting in January.....you can buy this pillow here 
 cracked me up.
   I am usually blahhed out from the Holiday rush,  the lack of sunshine and feel grouchy for pretty much  the first 3 months of the year.  I like to go into hiding and immerse myself in my work and projects which usually involves some sort of purging at this point.  how about you?   do you feel the need to just get rid of everything and start fresh in the new year?   I know I do,  but I have a little hoarding issue,  so I only do that on a limited basis,  but I do clean,   like a maniac at times :)

     I also start creating like crazy because I have so many Ideas rolling around in this head and I love to get busy getting them out.   Thankfully my daughter does too,  she is always a happy companion in my studio working on this or that.    She decided to recently make a custom skateboard for her brother for his birthday.  made me smile :)

So Even though I haven't been around here much,  I have been in my studio making all sorts of things....paintings,  pillows, jewelry and special projects to help me get through this seasonal funk.

 Bright cheery colors to warm the soul...... and fun displays.....
I also worked on some special projects that I will talk more about later...but this piece was a custom made wall hanging that now hangs in a permanent show room in Chicago!   I am SOOOOO excited to have been a part of it!   I'll show more pictures in another post. yippee!

   I worked on pieces for Donations to school auctions.....made Valentine themed goodies and opened an ETSY store where you can now buy some of my things online!    waHOOO!

         I also have an exciting Announcement to make that fabulous Folk artist Laurie Meserole from Mudcakes design now has her studio and paintings located right inside of Red SHoes!   It's so exciting to have her here,  what a busy busy productive artist she is,  definitely going to push me to produce more.....a win/win situation for sure!   :)

               So even though I have been absent here,  there have been lots of things going on behind the scene.  Some happy,  some not so happy and lots of other things in between.   
               I can' talk about it right now it's too raw and I am full of heartache over it,  but I had to say goodbye to my girl on Saturday.    I will devote an entire post to Pearl when I can type without falling completely apart.
                                       So that is it.   I am here,   I am creating,  I am Living life.
                                     Thank you for stopping by to my little corner of the world.


  1. Hey there so sorry to hear about our sweet pearl ... And thinking of you ❤ We are coming in this Thursday so I hope to see you then !

    xoxo Lanny ❤

  2. My heart sank at the end of this post. Oh no. Sweet dog. I'm soo sorry.

    Struggling to shift gears here (I'm a dog lover, too), congratulations on your Etsy shop! That's exciting news! And you've created some BEAUTIFUL stuff! (I so wish some extra money would fall from the sky!)

    Another inspiring post of creative artwork that gets me wanting to pull out my paints and sewing supplies. Was thinking about you this morning and last night and hoping you'd show us what you've been making.

    Take care and I hope you find some comfort soon with your doggy gone. You won't always feel the pain so sharply. xx

  3. love your site, love your art, love your doggies. So sorry about Pearl. Big hug :(

  4. Dearest Catherine ... A few notables I see with you. Your talent and style of art I adore; you are a Fine Artist. I THINK you are a loving and precious Mama to your Children. I also know and can see and feel in my heart ... you are a loving Pet advocate. What happened with Precious Pearl, well the situation had to have been at the very extreme for you to be forced to say good-bye to her. I just sobbed and asked my Daughter to go get her! Anyway Catherine, Love, Support and Big Hugs to YOU Sweet Girl ... My Gamma and Mama Heart is crushed for you, I am so sorry. I will be seeing you for sure this Summer. God Bless You Catherine and Your Dear Children ... AB