Saturday, December 29, 2012

A 2012 retrospective.....

     I spent the past 36 hours in my pajamas. lying in my bed,  watching marathon series on Netflix, and bad movies,  it was great.   I rarely ever do that,  but boy did I need it.
   Sleep, what a beautiful thing.
    I spent part of these past couple of days post Christmas thinking about things,  alone with my thoughts in my cozy apartment I plowed through old photos of the past year.  sometimes I need to do that to see all of the things that I did,  and see the good in some of the year,  because let me tell you,  this past year was HARD.    Probably one of the worst years I've ever had in my life.  I saw some of the darkest days,  soul crushing sadness, and pain I thought I'd never come out of, but did.  I have to look at those photos to remind myself that there were beautiful happy things in there too,  and to remember that.   
    I produced a ton of work and busted my tail to do it.  The shop went through so many changes this year.  I closed for a few months to re-organize, paint and re-open with friends sharing my space with me.  That didn't work out so well.  one of my friends got really sick and had to move out  and the other one had to get a real job.  Doing art for a living and supporting kids on an Artist paycheck is a tough road. But it's one I choose to accept,  and I work long days in order to do it.    I did many things this year from decorating cabins and making custom paintings for my friends resort up north,  to picking up a design client friend here in town and doing custom pillows and paintings for her home in addition to running my own shop by myself.
 I think some of my best works this year were born out of pushing myself to the limits.  I know that I also tapped into some of the darkest places in my mind and I'm lucky I have Art as a way of getting those feeling out,  I'm also lucky I had music.  Music saved me.  I listen to it all the time, preferring that over the silence.  So instead of dwelling on this past year, that I am happy to leave behind in favor of a new bright and shiny year full of promise....(longest sentence EVER!)  :) ........I'll leave you with a retrospective of what I produced this year.   Sometimes looking at old works inspires me,  maybe it will inspire you too.  who knows.
  I just put it out there for whomever is interested.   Thanks for taking a look,  and thanks for being here,  it means a lot to me truly.  I may not comment or reply, because sometimes I get paralyzed with those things,  weird I know,  but I do care about the fact that you took the time to come here and send me a note.  please know that.

  These last couple of photos are my greatest works of Art,  My children.  who continue to inspire, challenge and give me the greatest joys my heart can take.  


  1. Your art and attitude inspire and make me so happy, Catherine. Thanks for all you do :)

  2. Catherine Dear Thank You So Much For Everything. Taking the next step can be a doozy ... but for all of us who are so fortunate to look in at your life~experiences see you are ready to take that leap. You are a devoted human being and under that goes all the hats you wear. Now some of those hats just don't fit anymore and that is hard. You are a "Chica" who wears her beautiful Heart on her sleeve, and you share that experiences. I am so glad you allowed yourself without any (or at least not to many) hang~ups and took it easy. Even us hardcores need to recharge our batteries now and then.

    Happy New Year (again) Dear Girl ... things will be ah~changing for you in a big way ... kick those dark days in the nose! xoxo AB :)

  3. Always love to see what you are working on. Your children are beautiful!!!

  4. Your art always makes me feel so good. I get this happy anticipating feeling waiting for the photos to upload when your blog comes up on my Google Reader list.

    Warm wishes for a better year. Thanks for keeping up with your blog. I really enjoy it among my most, most favorites! :)

  5. Hi Catherine :)
    I am so sorry to read that you had such a rough year. I'm also so inspired to see that instead of curling up in a ball somewhere and quitting, you created and created and created ... WOW. And such beautiful, beautiful things. You really are inspiring to me, and I love your blog and thank you for taking the time to update. Your honesty is always encouraging to me ... I like real people.
    Love, love, and much, much love,

  6. Hi Catherine,
    My bad year was 2011. (health shit) It does get better but sadly there will always be something crappy everyone has to deal with now and then, but sounds like you are on your way to better times. Seeing the good is what gets you past the bad.
    I love your art. I have a little piece of it in my den.
    Thank you for sharing your art, it is inspiring. May 2013 be great for us all!

  7. What wonderful photos. I am sorry you had a tough year . . . life does that - but what an inspiration that you came through it and have all that beauty to show for it. Good luck in 2013 . . .

  8. Thank you for sharing your Art and your story with the world. So glad to see you back posting. Your colorful, whimsical art is so inspiring and energizing. Sending you peace and joy for 2013.

  9. Just love your style. I posted my fairy door today that is from your shop.

  10. If I had a medal, I'd pin it on you. Sending love to you and yours.

  11. Your art is one of my favorite places to look for inspiration. I'm glad you keep creating for all of us :) Have a great 2013!

  12. You produced great looking art in the middle of having a nightmare roller coaster ride. Slap yourself on the back girlfriend. You've got some of your Mama's Texas blood workin for you. :) If Fiona gets any prettier she'll need a guard. That boy is breaking hearts, I just know it. I've made up my mind... 2013 is gonna be a fun glorious year! xo

    1. Hi, I'm french, I've been watching your work on this blog, and... God !!!! I LOVE IT ! Thanks for sharing, it's good inspiration for many people, I'm sure about that.
      A last word about your kids : so beautiful :)
      I can't wait to see your next post. Take care !