Monday, December 9, 2013

Take time....

This time of year it's easy to slip into the madness and rush of the holiday season, and super easy to loose sight of what's important. 
I'm completely guilty of it.
I wake up at 4:00 am in a panic and go to my phone to plug in an alert on my calender, or jot down a note. I'll pass on a party invite because I'm too overwhelmed to go etc. etc.
 you know the deal.
 But every once in awhile I'm able to reel myself back in and focus on what matters. And that's family and friends.
All the other stuff can wait.
So this past weekend I spent time with my daughter and a friend. We pet alpaca, goats, and a sheep at downtown home and garden. bought a Christmas ornament, and some Christmas crackers---(those fun explosive little paper things that reveal a tiny treasure or treat.)
My friend Andy got a pair of toenail clippers in his, no joke. Most hilarious thing.
 I love that that place carries on old world traditions like selling oranges for stocking stuffers.
 Remember when life was so simple like that?
My mom used to get one in her stocking when she was a kid growing up in Texas. As a child I remembered thinking 'really? An orange?'  But now I see the value and charm in something so simple.
After our trip down the street We came home and decorated my tiny apt. For Christmas and ate tacos, Andy and Fiona played video games.
It was a really great night just doing nothing but being with people.
 I work every day all day long...and most days into the night. so these times are truly a treat.
 I'm back to work today finishing up a special project. And working on more things. I also have some exciting news to reveal in the future.
 But for now I'm just savoring the season as best as I can and keeping myself busy, but not too busy I can't take a second.
I highly recommend it. It's good for your soul, and the souls around you :)

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  1. Glad you are taking time for yourself. Breathe deep and smell the oranges! x