Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mini random things

    Random things happen to me all the time. It makes life so interesting.
Several months ago I hopped into my car   (a mini cooper) late in the evening to run to the store to grab something.
 As I'm waiting at the stoplight in the pouring rain mind you, a man in a brand new Mini Cooper pulls up next to me and signals for me to roll down my window. I oblige, and he tells me "did you know they're opening up a new mini dealership here in Ann Arbor?" 
And I say "why yes, I do know that! I want to work there!"
 He says really?! And asks me to pull over to talk. turns out he was the owner of the dealership and after learning what I do for a living, hired me to make some collaged paintings for his new dealership.
 Yes, weird things like that happen.
So this is what I finished and hung up for him in the new space.
Each painting is huge.
They are About 3 feet x 5 feet. Each.
They are collaged bits of vintage text, paper, stock photos I had enlarged and original paintings made by me.
I'm pretty happy how they turned out.
If you'd like to see them in person you may do so at the new dealership on jackson road here in Ann Arbor.
They are having an open house tonight from 6-9pm 
While you're there you can check out the new line of minis.  I absolutely love my car, maybe you might want one too! 


  1. Big Love for your Mini Art!
    Love when strange things happen! :)xo

  2. Way cool Art and way to meet people.
    Another words you are way cool.

  3. Oh you made my morning! Until recently I was the very, very proud owner of a lovely blue convertible mini and I cannot tell you how much I loved that car. We had so many adventures together, top down, enjoying the loveliness of tropical Florida.
    Congratulations on getting the work from the dealer. I LOVE what you created!! Wish I could get a print of any of those. Fantastic.

  4. hi! I miss you guys. I'm not really looking at the words in this blog that much, only your amazing photos.

  5. Love them and what a great story to go along with them!

  6. I love this story. GREAT collages!

  7. What a fantastic story! And your art is beautiful. Great job!