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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Greenhouse effect

    Around this time of year I get a little  stir crazy. Winter starts to wear on me.
So in order to combat that, I keep myself busy with projects.
 Sometimes it's just rearranging a room, or  simple things like moving around my little stuff , cuz lord knows I have a ton.
  At times I just want to purge and get rid of it all, but mostly just moving my junk around helps me see things in a new light.  freshening up my space helps my over active mind. 
  This week I've taken on two new design clients and I'm helping them see their spaces in a new light.
 Moving around accessories they already own---  putting them in a different room or arranging the furniture in a different way makes a huge difference, and so far they seem to like the results!  great thing too is that you don't have to spend a ton of money, (if any) to do this.
  One thing I've noticed with my clients is the absence of plants.
  In my opinion plants make the best accessory. In fact, they are good for your environment, and you. They add oxygen to a space and make your rooms feel more alive.
  Many people are intimidated by plants.
I've always had a green thumb, so I'm lucky in that regard, but I get it. Not everyone is like that.
And for the record, I've killed plenty of plants before, and felt terrible about it, but it's ok, there are easy varieties out there to suit all sorts of plant people. It's worth it, trust me.
  So around this time when there isn't a speck of green outside that you can see because it's buried under a foot of snow and freezing temperatures---I make a trek out to my favorite greenhouse.
Grayes greenhouse in Plymouth.
Just walking into the place makes my soul sing.
The dirt floor, the humid air, and the variety of little plants all grown with love makes me so happy.
  today I came home with two boxes of tiny plants and decided to use jars I had on hand and made terrariums.
Several kinds, both succulent and tropical lush ones.
These are easy little environments to maintain.
Well at least I think so.
It's my first attempt at them.
So I'll be honest.
But I've got high hopes... :)
So that's what I did today to take my mind off things, add color and life to my space, and feed my soul.
These little terrariums will be available in my shop soon when I reopen.
Possibly as early as next week. I'll keep you posted!
So on that note, I'm off. Thanks for the kind notes about my son.
I appreciate it so much.... More than you know.
Much love,

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A 2012 retrospective.....

     I spent the past 36 hours in my pajamas. lying in my bed,  watching marathon series on Netflix, and bad movies,  it was great.   I rarely ever do that,  but boy did I need it.
   Sleep, what a beautiful thing.
    I spent part of these past couple of days post Christmas thinking about things,  alone with my thoughts in my cozy apartment I plowed through old photos of the past year.  sometimes I need to do that to see all of the things that I did,  and see the good in some of the year,  because let me tell you,  this past year was HARD.    Probably one of the worst years I've ever had in my life.  I saw some of the darkest days,  soul crushing sadness, and pain I thought I'd never come out of, but did.  I have to look at those photos to remind myself that there were beautiful happy things in there too,  and to remember that.   
    I produced a ton of work and busted my tail to do it.  The shop went through so many changes this year.  I closed for a few months to re-organize, paint and re-open with friends sharing my space with me.  That didn't work out so well.  one of my friends got really sick and had to move out  and the other one had to get a real job.  Doing art for a living and supporting kids on an Artist paycheck is a tough road. But it's one I choose to accept,  and I work long days in order to do it.    I did many things this year from decorating cabins and making custom paintings for my friends resort up north,  to picking up a design client friend here in town and doing custom pillows and paintings for her home in addition to running my own shop by myself.
 I think some of my best works this year were born out of pushing myself to the limits.  I know that I also tapped into some of the darkest places in my mind and I'm lucky I have Art as a way of getting those feeling out,  I'm also lucky I had music.  Music saved me.  I listen to it all the time, preferring that over the silence.  So instead of dwelling on this past year, that I am happy to leave behind in favor of a new bright and shiny year full of promise....(longest sentence EVER!)  :) ........I'll leave you with a retrospective of what I produced this year.   Sometimes looking at old works inspires me,  maybe it will inspire you too.  who knows.
  I just put it out there for whomever is interested.   Thanks for taking a look,  and thanks for being here,  it means a lot to me truly.  I may not comment or reply, because sometimes I get paralyzed with those things,  weird I know,  but I do care about the fact that you took the time to come here and send me a note.  please know that.

  These last couple of photos are my greatest works of Art,  My children.  who continue to inspire, challenge and give me the greatest joys my heart can take.